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Chris Munn Photography

Time Passes By, Freeburgh VIC

Freeburgh, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM6175 / Edition Size : 300

Many a year has now passed, since those who called this whimsical little cottage home, moved on and lived their lives out elsewhere. With its frame sagging and its walls crumbling, it slowly grows in character as it surrenders to the passage of time. If only walls could talk, what stories could it tell?

I first came across this scene a number of years ago, and instantly fell in love with the charm of this old house. Over the years I had visited time and time again, never quite capturing the image I was looking for. Then one afternoon, as I passed through the area, I took the opportunity to visit once more. With horses kindly posing in the background, shadows running along the fence line, and fluffy white clouds drifting in the sky, the elements for this scene had finally come together.

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