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Chris Munn Photography

Suspended in Time, Port Campbell VIC

London Bridge, Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM61735 / Edition Size : 300

Victoria's Shipwreck Coast is a rugged and at times, inhospitable environment. Limestone cliffs tower above the ocean below, gradually surrendering to its relentless pounding. As these cliffs erode, limestone formations such as London Bridge are created. Originally a double arched natural bridge, London Bridge made world headlines in 1990, when the span closest to the mainland collapsed. No individuals were injured, however a couple marooned on the remaining arch were rescued by helicopter.

This image was captured on an evening in early spring, not long after the sun had set. Rain had fallen periodically throughout the day and by afternoon the coastal breeze was strengthening. The sun set with little fanfare as it sank below the horizon, masked by a thick layer of cloud. Due to the low light, a long exposure of over 4 minutes was required. As the 4 minutes passed, the waves continued to crash onto the beach and the wind blew around me. All the while, the camera captured everything that it saw : the movement of the waves and the changing colour of the light, leaving London Bridge suspended in time.

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