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Chris Munn Photography

Survivors, Falls Creek VIC

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Falls Creek, Victoria, Australia

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Amongst the sprawling meadows and rolling hills of the Bogong High Plains, the iconic snow gum, its limbs gnarled and stunted, forges an existence from a subalpine landscape of snow, wind, ice and summer fires. From a sapling these remarkable trees adapt to their inhospitable environment, growing low to the ground and away from the wind, dormant in the winter months when covered by snow and growing once more as they bask in the warmth of summer. Viewed from a distance, it is easy to miss a snow gum's individual beauty and it isn't until we take the time to pause for a closer look that we can see the remarkable character each possesses in its own right. These trees are survivors and it is the scars from their struggles which shape their individual character and beauty.

The Saturday before Victoria's ski season officially opens is a time I particularly enjoy visiting Falls Creek. Only days before the winter crowds take over the mountains, the high plains are peaceful and more often than not, it is a weekend which offers a taste of the winter to come with an occasional pre-season snowfall as a bonus. Although no snow had fallen on this occasion, the bitterly cold wind, rain and fog had, by sunset brought a wintery change across the high country. Exposed long alpine grasses, shrubs and snow gums near Mount McKay gradually shifted to white as any surface covered in moisture began to freeze in the sub zero temperatures. I had often explored the snow gums in this area, hoping to photograph them at sunset with the spectacular view to Rocky Valley dam in the distance. Tonight however, they were just perfect amidst the wind, fog and ice.

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