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Solitude, Wallace Hut, Falls Creek VIC

Product ID : CM61726 / Edition Size : 300

Wallace Hut, the oldest surviving cattleman's hut of the Victorian high country is a solitary figure, hidden amongst the twisted snow gums of the isolated Bogong High Plains. Built in 1889 by the Wallace brothers, it provided an important refuge during the spring and summer months, as they tended to their cattle grazing on the rich grasses of the alpine meadows. Many years have now passed since the Wallace family first brought their cattle to the high country. In that time, super powers have risen and fallen, two world wars have been fought, yet this little hut, built from rough tools and a little bush knowledge remains.

Winter was almost upon North East Victoria, and a strong cold front was passing through, bringing driving rain, wind and bitterly cold temperatures to the high country. At times, a light mist drifted gently over the high plains, lending a timelessness to the landscape. As I waited amongst the snow gums for a break in the rain, I could imagine the Wallace brothers emerging from the mist, ready to boil the billy after a hard day's riding. By late afternoon, the persistent rain had eased to showers, and mist was again rolling through the scene. I had been blessed with an amazing afternoon in the high country.

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