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Chris Munn Photography

Rustic Comfort, Bogong High Plains VIC

Bogong High Plains, Victoria, Australia

Built in 1929, Cope Hut rests on the side of a gently sloping hill amidst a distinctive grove of snow gums, their gnarled and stunted limbs fashioned by past and unforgiving winters on the Bogong High Plains. The second highest hut in Victoria, its purpose unlike the others of it time, was to offer shelter to early cross country skiers. Luxurious in comparison to the huts of cattlemen lore, its ageing corrugated exterior hides a beautiful timber structure hewn by the hands of skilled bush craftsmen. Now some 80 years after its materials were carted across the high plains by dray and sled (1), Cope's place in history as a forerunner to the modern ski village of Falls Creek is an important one.

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