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Chris Munn Photography

Rising Joy, Port Campbell VIC

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Gibson's Beach, Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia

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Gibson's Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sand, bordered by towering cliffs and the powerful Southern Ocean. Shaped over the millennia by wind, rain and the untamed ocean, Gibson's Beach epidermises the savage beauty of Western Victoria's constantly changing coastline. Just a short distance from the 12 Apostles, Gibson's Beach is famous for “Gibson's Steps”, a staircase which was cut into the cliff face in the mid 1880's to provide access to the beach.

I arrived at the 12 Apostles lookout long before sunrise, on a bitterly cold and windy morning. As the sun rose, breathing warmth into the new day, the landscape basked in the glory of the day's first light, awash in beautiful shades of yellow and magenta. The day had broken spectacularly, and within minutes the early morning light had finished its dance. I had been blessed to experience and capture one of Creations special moments.

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