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Chris Munn Photography

Newtown Falls, Beechworth VIC

Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM6176 / Edition Size : 300

Weathered by time and the elements, the brightly coloured cliff face of Newtown Falls provides a spectacular backdrop for Spring Creek, as it plunges into the rugged Beechworth Gorge below. Once the site of a sawmill powered by a large paddle wheel, Newtown Falls is now a popular location for people to relax and unwind, as they enjoy the soothing burble of rushing water.

The morning had begun, as the previous day had ended, with a canopy of grey stretching across the sky for as far as the eye could see. As the day passed, grey skies shifted to blue, and by the time I reached Newtown Falls in late afternoon, the sun shone brilliantly upon the landscape, from an almost cloudless sky. Having missed the beautiful soft light of the morning, I set up my camera and waited. Eventually, as the end of the day drew near, Newtown Falls fell into deep shadow, giving me a second chance to capture this fantastic scene.

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