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Chris Munn Photography

Lower Somersby Falls, Somersby NSW

Brisbane Waters National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Product ID : CM61724 / Edition Size : 300

Hidden in an unspoilt gorge amongst the rainforest of the Brisbane Waters National Park, Lower Somersby Falls seem almost timeless. While only a short distance from Sydney, these falls are a world away, offering a sanctuary from the hectic, time poor society that we sadly find ourselves in today.

I was fortunate to visit Lower Somersby Falls on a wet morning in late autumn. As I made my way down through the gorge, I was reminded that a rainforest is a special place to be after rain. The colours of the forest are strong and saturated, while the air is clean and filled with wonderful aromas. Within minutes of reaching the falls the light faded and the rain returned, leaving me and my camera sheltering under a large golf umbrella. As I began to wonder if I had missed my opportunity for the day, the rain finally cleared allowing me to capture this small piece of paradise.

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