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Chris Munn Photography

Lower Ebor Falls, Ebor NSW

Ebor, New South Wales, Australia

Product ID : CM6173 / Edition Size : 300

Set in the spectacular Guy Fawkes River Gorge, surrounded by a thick eucalypt forest and sharp drops, Lower Ebor falls is a rugged picture of peace. The second in a line of majestic waterfalls on the outskirts of Ebor, Lower Ebor Falls shimmers as a swollen Guy Fawkes River plunges over ancient volcanic rocks into the valley below.

Heavy rain had fallen overnight, water logging the forest and drawing out wonderfully vibrant greens from the landscape. Light rain continued to fall throughout the morning, whilst a mist drifted through the valley, lending an almost ethereal quality to the scene. With my camera ready, I huddled under my oversized umbrella, waiting for a break in the weather. As the chilly hours passed, the rain finally eased, allowing me to capture this precious moment in the life of a special location.

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