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Chris Munn Photography

Glad to be Alive, Terrigal NSW

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Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia

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Situated on the New South Wales Central Coast, just a short drive from Sydney, Terrigal Beach is a location loved by divers, surfers, fishermen and swimmers. With lagoons, rock pools, a long stretch of sand and spectacular headland, it offers something for everybody, no matter what their interest.

I arrived at Terrigal Beach long before the first hint of colour appeared in the eastern sky. The faint lights of distant cargo ships dotted the horizon, while the sound of breaking waves echoed through the darkness. As the dawn of the new day approached, the first delicate traces of red and yellow danced across the sky. With every passing minute, the intensity of colour continued to grow, until the entire landscape was awash with brilliant shades of yellows, reds and purples.

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