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Chris Munn Photography

Gatekeeper's Cottage, Arding NSW

Arding, New South Wales, Australia

Product ID : CM61711 / Edition Size : 300

This quaint little cottage is a relic from a way of life that has long been forgotten. Located on the Barleyfields Road railway crossing at Arding on the New England Tablelands, it was once home to the crossing's gatekeeper and his family. The gatekeeper was responsible for the operation of the crossing's timber gates. Whenever a train was scheduled to pass through the crossing, he would close the gates across the road, stopping all traffic. Once the train had passed, he then re-opened the gates, allowing traffic to pass through the intersection once again.

It was still dark as I set up my camera, on this chilly autumnal morning. A heavy dew lay on the ground, while the remnants of a thick fog obscured the landscape. As the sun rose, the pale blue light of the pre-dawn surrendered to the soft golden glow of the new day. With the scene transformed, I quickly tripped my camera's shutter, capturing a small reminder of days gone by.

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