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Chris Munn Photography

Farmer's Road, Everton Upper VIC

Farmer's Road, Everton Upper, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM6172 / Edition Size : 300

Farmer's Road is one of those small country byways that many of us drive past, on our way to somewhere else without contemplating the mystery of where it leads. A symptom of our goal driven society, we often focus on the destination and forget to take time out to have fun along the way. Enjoy your journey and make time to explore. You never know what gems you might discover along the way.

The day was drawing to an end as I turned into Farmer's Road. The sun hung low in the sky, and filtered by the smoke of a controlled burn, bathed this small cluster of gums with a sweet red light. With the light changing rapidly, I quickly positioned my camera and tripped the shutter. Moments later, the sun had kissed the horizon, bidding farewell to another glorious day in the country.

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