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Chris Munn Photography

Evening Calm, Stanley TAS

Godfrey's Beach, Stanley Tasmania, Australia

Nestled against the base of an ancient volcanic plug, the sleepy hamlet of Stanley is, like much of Tasmania, a place where the fabric of past and present intertwine. Initially home to indigenous tribes, the first europeans to sight the area were Bass and Flinders as they circumnavigated Van Diemen's Land in 1798. Observing the coastline from sea, Flinders likened the distinctive volcanic remnant now known as 'The Nut' to a 'cliffy round lump...resembling a Christmas cake' (1). By the late 1820's the Van Diemen's Land company had established its presence, hoping to produce fine merino wool for sale to the British homeland. In the ensuing years, the town of Circular Head developed around Flinder's 'cliffy round lump', with a survey by Lee John Arthur in 1842 laying the footprint for the new town, soon to be renamed 'Stanley'.

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