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Chris Munn Photography

Day's End, Mount Stirling VIC

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Craig's Hut, Mount Stirling, Victoria, Australia

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With stunning panoramic views across the Victorian high country, Craig's Hut sits as a silent tribute to the legend of our high country cattlemen. Originally constructed as a set for the Man from Snow River movie, Craig's Hut has become a much loved weekend destination for many. There have been several incarnations of this idyllic little hut, the most recent of which was built in 2008, after its predecessor was destroyed during the 2006 Victorian bushfires.

I spent a wonderful autumn's afternoon at Craig's Hut with my cousin Stewart. We met at Mansfield, and made the trip up Mount Stirling together. With our cameras set up early, we eagerly awaited what we hoped would be a spectacular sunset. As night approached and the sun slipped below the horizon, a wonderful glow emanated from the hut as it caught the last light of the day. All too soon the light had faded and we left, grateful for the special moment we had just experienced.

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