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Chris Munn Photography

Approaching Storm, Lake Buffalo VIC

Mount Hotham, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM6178 / Edition Size : 300

Situated on the western flank of the spectacular Mount Buffalo National Park, Lake Buffalo is a popular summer playground for swimming, fishing and boating. With water levels falling dramatically over the autumn, Lake Buffalo returns to its stunning best in the spring, as melting snow runs off Mount Buffalo, restocking the lake for the summer to come.

The storm clouds hung ominously in the sky, as I arrived at Lake Buffalo, while the occasional flash of lightning was accompanied by the roar of thunder as it rolled across the hills. I set up my camera, and waited for something special. Within minutes, a momentary break in the clouds appeared, allowing the sun to pierce the darkness and bathe the foreground in brilliant sunshine. With this photograph captured and my equipment safely packed away, the storm arrived drenching the area with a heavy summer downpour.

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