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Chris Munn Photography

Against the Odds, Moolort VIC

Pyrenees Highway, Moolort, Victoria, Australia

Product ID : CM61728 / Edition Size : 300

Built in 1865, this majestic bluestone house continues to stand proudly on the plains of Moolort in Central Victoria. The first time I visited this location, the house was in a terrible condition. The stables next to it had just collapsed, and the house was facing a similar fate. In the intervening years, the owners of the property have done a wonderful restoration job, giving this important piece of local history a new lease on life.

This photograph was taken late on a winter's afternoon, after a day of heavy rain. When I arrived, the sky was a flat grey, with the sun hidden behind a veil of cloud. After waiting for an hour or so, the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds, transforming the scene before me. After a few minutes, the sun was once again veiled behind the clouds, and the flat light of the winter's afternoon had returned.

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